• Wildlife-safe lighting

    DauerLED has an extensive selection of turtle-safe lamps that are approved for coastal use, plus moose-friendly low-light LEDs for woodlands.
    PAR20 6W color
  • 5-year warranty

    DauerLED lamps are designed to provide beautiful and consistent light in tough conditions, so we warranty them for five years.
  • Landscape lighting LEDs

    Dauer has all the energy-saving LED lamps for the most demanding landscape lighting applications.
    Low Voltage LEDs
  • Lamp Categories

    • Low-Voltage


      12V and 24V LED lamps for interior and exterior use

    • Line-Voltage


      120V and 230V LED lamps for interior and exterior applications

    • Commercial


      Business lighting solutions

    • AR111/PAR36

      AR111 and PAR36 lamps

    • Bi-pins

      Bi-pin LED lamps

    • BR

      BR-series LED lamps

    • Commercial LEDs and Fixtures

      Commercial lighting

    • Downlight Kits

      Downlight kits

    • G9

      G9-series LED lamps

    • GU10

      GU10-series LED lamps

    • MR8

      MR8 LED lamp

    • MR11

      MR11-series LED lamps

    • MR16

      MR16-series LED lamps

    • PAR Line-Voltage

      PAR line-voltage lamps

    • SMD Bayonets

      SMD bayonet LED lamps

    • Strip Lighting

      Strip lighting

    • Torpedoes

      Torpedo LED lamps

    • SMD Wedges

      Wedge lamps

    • Wildlife & Decorative

      Wildlife & decorative colors

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